LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. With members worldwide we can help you take advantage of all the features LinkedIn has to offer, giving you competetive advantage over other candidates. Your profile writer will interview you about your career goals, work history and greatest achievements. Thereafter will ressearch your competitors and develop a professional LinkedIn profile script for you, tailored to your industry and career goals.

* 1-6 day turnaround time


What happens after your purchase?

  • You will receive a confirmation of purchase email.
  • Your assigned professional LinkedIn profile writer will contact you via email or phone call to gather some information about you.
  • Our professionals will work to deliver the best quality LinkedIn Profile script to you.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile script will be delivered to your inbox within 1-6 business days in word and pdf format.
  • You can apply for jobs and disseminate your profile.
  • If you need interview readiness support or other career empowerment packages,  we can work with you throughout the process. Our interview readiness package* will guide you towards a successful interview.  *Purchase separately

Linkedin Profile Writing

    • LinkedIn profile script 
    • Keyword optimised profile that highlights your strengths and achievements
    • Personal online brand that will set you apart from your competitors
    • Higher rankings on LinkedIn to make you more visible to recruiters and employers
    • Tips on how to use LinkedIn to access the hidden job market