Workplace Wellbeing Safety Moment

“Be careful of your thoughts: they control your destiny.” ~ Robert C Jameson

An employee who knows all the right things to do but is in a poor mental state will not be thinking clearly.

An employees’ psychological state dictates behavior; stress, distraction, and mental fatigue are leading causes of workplace injury.

Poor mental wellbeing could lead to substance abuse and is regularly linked to emotional issues. This is a huge workplace safety hazard.

What are you doing to manage mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace? Introducing new ideas and practices can be challenging, especially when those practices may make people feel vulnerable. But it is important to recognize that, uncomfortable as it may be, psychological health is a critical factor in the workplace.

Take action today to prioritize mental and emotional wellbeing in the workplace, here is how:

1. Strong Policy and Programs: Demonstrate you value your employees and recognize their needs. One in five Australians experience some form of common mental illness in any year. 1

2. Ask and Listen: Implement an employee engagement survey and use the outcomes to create meaningful, workable boundaries that support the work-life-balance needs of both parties.

3. Reduce the mental and emotional wellbeing stigma: Demonstrate support and treat concerns raised with the appropriate level of confidentiality.

4. Don’t underestimate the simple approach: Don’t overcomplicate and over-engineer wellbeing solutions. Practical simple solutions go a long way.

5. Learning and Leading: Employees highly value career and learning. Help employees define clearer career paths and enhance job satisfaction.

6. Develop a healthy workplace culture: There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to developing a great workplace culture. The organization and its employees should share joint responsibility for creating a healthy workplace culture by demonstrating behavioral expectations and being held accountable to them.

Credit: Mental Health First Aid Australia

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