Confident Kidz Corner - Linka Love

I am a confident kid! I skip when I walk and I dance to the songs I sing out loud. I make all the dogs in the neighbourhood howl to the moon when I deliver my Opera Symphony performance. I love my life. I love me.

Reasons for being confident: Why not? It makes my brother laugh until he falls over It makes me happy My friends are happy too It is fun I don’t miss out on any of the fun stuff

If I had some superpowers one of them would definitely be to give all kids confidence by singing their names. Think of how cool the world would be if all the kids were so confident and happy all the time. No more sad tears or hiding behind trees.

Tips for being confident: Smile, like a really big smile that fills your face Don’t have silly fears Be a friend to someone who is shy Just give it a go Try everything at least once Do new stuff

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